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Sail from Rhodes port either south along the coast to Lindos, or visit the island of Symi on a full day cruise, or simply begin your multiday sailing experience from Rhodes.

Explore the Dodecanese

Explore the Dodecanese

Starting every Sunday, our Explore the Dodecanese sailing trips take you to the picturesque islands of Symi and Tilos. Hop on board on Sunday afternoon, meet your crew and leave Rhodes to sail to the pristine port of Panormitis in Symi, where you will spend the night. After enjoying breakfast onboard the next morning, you will start sailing to Tilos. On your way learn more about sailing and ropes, while sailing on a southwest course to Livadia, the harbor of Tilos. A few hours later drop anchor and enjoy the serenity of the remote island of Tilos, where you can take a bus to explore the capital Megalo Chorio, or just sit by the beach to relax and swim.

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